Why is Business Intelligence important in the Fitness industry? 3T tell us why!

October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020 David Hult

Why is Business Intelligence important in the Fitness industry? 3T tell us why!

In a global pandemic, with gyms in Norway closed down due to government restrictions. BRP Customer, 3T took the decision to start implementing BRP Business Intelligence.

3T have for a long time had the need for more automated reporting on various metrics in our business. The numbers, statistics and KPIs have always been available through different parts of the systems but picking them out, crunching them and producing the necessary insights have up until now been too time consuming and challenging. So when BRP informed us about their new BI modules we immediately jumped on the train, says Heidi Heggernes at 3T.




“Our wishlist included fast and correct access to various data which should be comparable over time, with other metrics and KPIs as well as shown in different dashboards. The numbers we are interested in varies as well between the different centers so flexibility was another important key for us.” 


An automated way of extracting, comparing, crunching and presenting the data was the way we wanted to go and fortunately all those criterions were met in BRP BI Solutions. 


“We had no intention of reducing staff levels or decreasing the number of FTEs but rather to give our people the possibility to focus on operational, value adding work with our centers and customers.” 


With the new BRP BI solution we can now get the numbers we want, when we need them, compared to the data and time dimensions we are interested in. This will make us stronger as a company and wellness provider, making us assured by taking data and fact based decisions. 


In these uncertain times we are convinced that such a way of accessing data and insights will be the key to taking the correct actions and strategic decisions to stay relevant and successful. For another 35 years and more! 


Key metrics from the implementation so far

  1. 3T – reduced internal administrative work by 30% after implementing BRP BI Solutions
  2. Time from initiating dialogue until BI Solution in full production in 3T- only 2 months!
  3. Due to highly efficient implementation process and intuitive as well as advanced insights from BRP BI Solutions, 3T expects full ROI after only 3 months. 


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