What does the future in the fitness and wellness industry look like?

October 30, 2020
October 30, 2020 David Hult

What does the future in the fitness and wellness industry look like?

And what needs to be done in the software area to support the future fitness and wellness industry?

BRP customer, 3T give their predictions and view of the future in fitness!


Looking into the crystal ball, what do you see in our near and more distant future? 

The fitness and wellness business is becoming more and more professional in various ways. Running a fitness and sports center or gym in the past was usually based on ideals, hobbies but these days it does not differ much from running any other kind of business. The profitability and cash flow perspective is taking over as the main motive for new chains and this will put more emphasis and demands on the suppliers. BRP must continue to deliver products and services that may be tailored to each individual form of business. Of course maintaining its strong and stable core functionality but unique solutions, integrations and so on will increase as the need to diversify gets larger. 

How will this affect your needs within software and IT?

Systems and other digital solutions must get even more seamless in their communication. Both from the user perspective and when it comes to “speaking” with other systems, hardware and applications. We have to be able to live up to the digital demands of our members and customers and will rely on BRP to supply us with applications and modules to meet those requirements. 

“As the business arena becomes more and more comparable we can no longer rely on being the best in our specific business or area. We must be the best company compared to any other company, period.”

Both 3T as service providers in the wellness industry and BRP as software and hardware providers must constantly step up our game to stay relevant, value adding and bring that 3T experience!






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