How to stay relevant in the fitness industry? 3T history and BRP Business Intelligence! (Part 1)

September 8, 2020
September 8, 2020 David Hult

How to stay relevant in the fitness industry? 3T history and BRP Business Intelligence! (Part 1)

3T success with BRP BI Solutions!

How do you stay relevant and attractive in the Wellness business for 35 years? 

Norwegian fitness/ wellness chain 3T has managed to do exactly that. Curious about how? 

You will surely find some clues to their success in this interview! We had a long and interesting talk and the interview is divided into several parts coming over the next few days! Keep reading.. 

Heidi Heggernes. HR director and long term executive at 3T met with us to talk about history, current projects and possibilities as well as future predictions! She started out by telling us about the story and what 3T actually stands for?

“3T Treningssenter is a Norwegian wellness chain with 17 locations all around mid-Norway. The chain is growing and looking to open its 18th facility during 2020.


This year the 3T group is celebrating its 35th birthday having been in the business of “Trim-Trening-Trivsel” since 1985! The first facility is located in Rosten, Norway and is until this day still one of the largest facilities in Norway with its impressive 6000 m2 full of work-outs, weights and energy. “


“Trim-Trening-Trivsel” as mentioned before are the key-words and core-values on which the company is based and can be translated into “Trim – staying in shape”, “Trening – which means Training/workout”, and “Trivsel – being happy and comfortable” Original words in norwegian below. 


TRIM – 3T skaper et inkluderende, folkelig og variert treningstilbud som passer for alle, også lavterskelstrening.

TRENING – 3T skal være best på trening, treningskompetanse og treningsfasiliteter. Vi skal levere kvalitet i alle ledd.

TRIVSEL – 3T skaper et treningsmiljø der alle trives. Høy servicegrad og arbeidsglede på jobben gir trivsel for 3T-medlemmer.


3T has the advantage of having many locations relatively close to each other, giving their members a large variety of facility profiles and workout opportunities to choose from! Their price point is in the premium range and their members know and expect a high level of service and quality in their memberships. The various training centers are deliberately profiled in different ways so that regardless of preferences their members will always find the right place to suit their needs. 


Read more in coming posts on how BRP and 3T have worked together for mutual success and development!



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