Efficient staff management and time reporting for gym and leisure!

September 2, 2020
September 2, 2020 David Hult

Efficient staff management and time reporting for gym and leisure!

BRP Time Reporting Module

“I help our customers saving three working days every month!”

Anna Fredriksson at BRP Systems is responsible for implementing the Employee time reporting module and services to the existing BRP Group customers.

She is a strong internal ambassadeur for this specific part of the BRP ecosystem and we had a talk about why she loves this functionality so much!

“Well basically it is about how much time we help our customers save by implementing this module and work flow” Anna says.

“Being able to help our customers become more efficient, profitable and professional is very important to me and that is exactly what I get to do in my daily assignments.”


Please tell us a little bit about the process from start to finish?

The first thing I ask a customer is: 

-” How do you report your time today?”

The answer is almost always: 



“Since I am a trained accountant and business administrator I am also a huge excel fan but for this specific workflow it is not optimal” Anna says and smiles. 

We then go through as well as optimize all the connections and affected functions in the system, install the Time Module and start up this automated workflow!

So how does this module improve the workflows so much for the BRP Customers?

Well it automates the process of making sure time is reported correctly, it compares that reported time with all the service bookings in the system and makes that time consuming work very easy to do. Before I start an implementation of the Time Reporting module I usually ask the customer how much time they spend on these tasks today. The standard answer I get is around 3 working days every month. 

“It is always a good feeling to know that I will be able to help a customer save that much valuable time!”

Which are the tasks included in those three days?

To compile and compare all reported time, to check that vacation days are correctly admitted and that your employees did not forget to report their overtime. Then comparing all of this to the actual bookings in the system.  It takes time, for everyone involved, especially for the Site Manager who is usually the one to go through these lists.

Which are the main advantages in your opinion? 

With BRP Time your staff get a better overview and it is easier for them to take more responsibility for their workload. So it empowers the staff as well!

The Attestant can easily review and approve the time lines and the manual handling is decreased. .

All bookings are accounted for. If it exists in BRP Resource planner it will also exist in the file exported to your salary system!

Thanks Anna for those insightful comments!

Contact sales@brpsystems.se for more information and how you can save time and energy with BRP Time management




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