March 24, 2020 David Hult

BRP Outdoor – solution to help clubs adapt to current Covid19 situation

BRP has over the past week experienced a higher frequency of dialogue with our clients on how to effectively manage the Covid-19 urgency. Our organisation is fully operational whereas our +70 staff are working remotely across all our functions to fully serve our markets and clients. Our team stands committed to support our clients adaptation of business processes to cope with challenges coming out restriction and potential lock-downs.

Many of the clubs are putting admirable efforts under increased administrative work loads to handle the current situation. We will continue to provide guidance and solutions to our clients most pressing business challenges in the coming weeks. 

Many of our clients have asked us for solutions to support their outdoor activities as many members these days prefer to join activities outside of clubs.  We are therefore arranging a webinar presentation of BRP OutDoor solution allowing clubs to quickly adopt their training program to increased demands on outdoor-activities – while at the same time maintaining control of the membership activities. 

During the Covid19 BRP strategy is to adapt and fight the virus with smart solutions that enable our clients to better serve their members in this adverse period. We also recognize this period at the same time increases demands on existing staff at the clubs. We recommend that clubs avoid “wait and see”-strategy and actively take the opportunity to undertake measures that enables them to adapt to current situation and prepare for the future. BRP stands committed to help our clients face this adversity and do our utmost to maintain full support and help provide solutions to the re-acceleration of business. 

Please join us for the webinar Wednesday 25/4 at 15.00 to learn more about how BRP OutDoor can help support your clubs.

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