3T and BRP – a longterm partnership. From Payments to Business Intelligence! (Part2)

September 16, 2020
September 16, 2020 David Hult

3T and BRP – a longterm partnership. From Payments to Business Intelligence! (Part2)

3T and BRP Systems – a longterm success story!

¨In the previous blog post you were able to read about 3T, a leading Norwegian fitness and wellness chain, and a longterm user of the BRP ecosystem. In this post you will learn about how the partnership has developed leading up to a strategic common pilot case of industry leading BI solutions.





Heidi, how would you describe the relationship with BRP and how it has developed since the start?

3T is a long time customer of BRP Systems and has seen and followed the development of the system closely. A strong relationship between 3T and BRP Systems has led to many new possibilities and advantages for the both parties and Heidi says.

“Over the years we have kept a close eye on the value adding new functionality and addons that BRP offers us. Always looking to see how those applications may help us achieve our short and long term goals but most importantly being able to serve our members in a more efficient, professional and service minded way. When we decide on starting up a new addon or application it is of utmost importance that we make a thorough implementation in the whole organisation to ensure the highest effect and value! BRP and its partners always support us during implementation and follow up.” 

When we started working with BRP we used mainly the functionality for automated recurring payments, Point of Sale, booking and resource management as well as some sales supporting functionality. Over the years that has developed and BRP is currently present in most automated processes and digital solutions. 

Heidi continues. “The current project includes implementing the new version of BRP Business Intelligence which is also currently under constant development.



Once that is in place and helping us regarding statistics and business insights we will go on to implementing another new BRP addon that will help us understand and improve our members “customer journey”. That addon application is called BRP Customer Retention and we look forward to seeing the full effect on membership satisfaction, length of membership and improved service level.”



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