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Kujtim Salihu

Chief Executive Officer since 2017
Cellphone +46 73 – 520 11 35

Kujtim Salihu is chief executive officer of BRP, a leading software provider of Saas-solutions in the fitness, leisure and wellness market. Mr. Salihu leads the company and its ecosystem in executing BRP’s vision to help its clients Rule their Enterprise. With a keen eye on innovation and future he leads the organization in the new era of digitalization with a strong commitment to client high performance, internationalization, people growth and outstanding teams.


Magnus Thorarensen

Sales & Marketing


  • Sales to new customers
  • Key account management with the installed base
  • Brand and marketing

Magnus Thorarensen is one of BRP’s co-founders and leads the sales and marketing team with focus on strengthening the brand in the market place and helping to grow the business by developing existing client relations and winning new clients in the Nordics as well as internationally. Mr. Thorarensen has a vast business and entrepreneurial experience within the fitness, leisure and wellness market and as such is considered a thought leader.


Tobias Östlund

Chief Operating Officer & Partner Alliances


  • Finance and administration
  • HR & Culture
  • Partners & Alliances

Tobias Östlund leads BRP’s business operations ensuring operational excellence, including its finance, administration and HR functions. Tasked with responsibility for people and culture looking for organizational effectiveness and business transformation Mr. Östlund holds a key role in talent growth as well as leadership development in a high performance organization context. In addition Mr. Östlund is responsible to deliver value to our client base through the broad ecosystem of BRP’s products and service partners.


David Hult

Digital Business Services


  • Consulting Delivery
  • Support Services
  • BPO & Accounting Services
  • Managed Services
  • Training / Education Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Management

David Hult joined BRP in 2018 and was appointed head of Digital Business Services that handles all customer support and consulting delivery including BRP’s BPO and managed services. In addition Mr. Hult is holding a key role to ensure that BRP keeps strengthening and innovate it’s digital services portfolio so as to ensure that our clients develop and execute on strategies that solve the most pressing client challenges and exploit opportunities in the intersection business, technology and operations.


Gustav Hagström

Products R&D and Innovation


  • Development of BRP Products
  • Technology
  • Innovation

Gustav Hagström was appointed head of R&D and Innovation in 2018 with responsibility of development of the entire BRP Product and Technology portfolio, including all software development for all lines of business within BRP. In addition Mr. Hagström leads strategic innovation themes within Cloud Hosting, Machine Learning and Big Data to name a few. He works closely with the go-to-market organizations and applicable alliance and technology partners to ensure client time-to-value and that BRP stays well ahead of the curve in our core markets.



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